DHL Malpensa HUB

Client DHL

Location Malpensa Airport, Ferno (Varese), Italy

Land area 46,000 sqm

Built area 21,000 sqm


The project develops on an area of 46.000 sqm, the building is a very important hub from the point of view of goods flow, as a matter of fact it receives wares from the biggest European hub, located in Leipzig.
Fundamental element of the project, just like Venice Gateway, is the “connector”, a multifunctional space used as break area and for small meetings. This allows great communication between the two areas that compose the plant: the operational area and the offices. Transparency, obtained through ample glass walls, allows reaching a complete connection.
The employment of the two corporate colours, that outlines the different working areas, recalls the corporate image: red for the office building and yellow for the operational warehouse, realizing chromatically dominant buildings but with a sober and elegant image.
These buildings will also be characterized by green sustainable elements, among them a photovoltaic system and a natural ventilation system.

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