We put the man in the centre, we create an emotional bond between people and their surroundings whatever they might be; cities, neighbourhoods, offices or houses.
In order to produce a positive inspirational mood of belonging, however, an ordinary building project is not enough. The essential element is the creation of a well-structured planning idea that provides a complete and customized solution. A soulful idea that perfectly blends architecture, engineering and design.

To design means to make an idea real, to shape something that doesn’t exist yet and that will be able to influence the life of those who will relate to it.”

Massimo Roj


We are certain that the best design originates from a completely integrated approach, starting from the concept up to its realization. Ours is always an efficient teamwork. Architects, engineers and designers work in teams since the beginning of the design process. They learn from each other and combine their knowledge and experiences in order to create perfect solutions that prove to be efficient, flexible, sustainable and that guarantee personal well-being and a proper use of spaces.


The original vision of Progetto CMR has led us, over the years, to go beyond personal, professional and geographical limits. Our firm is international, our headquarters is located in Milan and Beijing, with offices in Athens, Ho Chi Mihn, Istanbul, Jakarta, Moscow, Prague, Rome, Tianjin. We spread our concept of sustainable architecture all over the world, thanks to a wide range of projects: from offices to residential complexes, from hotels to retail areas, up to urban planning.

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Our biggest challenge is to create flexible buildings that can adapt to future evolution and to guarantee projects sustainability. We combine economic, social and ecological awareness in order to establish a new and more fruitful relationship with the environment. Future can only be built by learniing from the past, interpreting it with strategy, creativity and culture. Looking forward with the awareness of who we are and where we come from.


The model becomes method. Integration and interaction among the different skills are essential conditions to guarantee sustainable and successful projects for our clients.
Integrated design assures a constant cost, time and quality control, while the coordination of the three departments allows for an efficient progression of all the different phases. Our design process is based on Building Information Modeling (BIM), a digital tool that consists in the use of smart models that provide the necessary information to create and manage projects efficiently.


Progetto CMR is structured in three coordinated departments – Architecture, Engineering and Design – combined to the benefit of a valuable work with the highest quality standards. A horizontal integration to the three operational areas is guaranteed by Research and Development. This approach is the key strength of Progetto CMR, what we define “the culture of innovation”.


“From inside out”. From the identification and analysis of the clients’ requirements – man as the core of the process – to design, paying close attention to the interaction between location and environmental, social and cultural identity. Our approach aspires to create a rational and efficient interface between users, technologies, economy, urban and territorial contexts. The Architecture Department in Progetto CMR is composed of four specialized divisions: Space Planning, Interior Design, Building Design and Urban Planning.


From concept to structural calculations, from the realisation of the creative project to the creation of plants and facilities, from the fulfilment of technical and regulatory obligations to trials, from energy performance evaluation to an efficient management of the project in a cost and time saving perspective. Our Engineering Department has an accurate, practical and multidisciplinary approach that perfectly explains our concept of integrated design. Beyond figures, also logic and awareness with a clear vision shows the best path in order to achieve the highest performance.


Our incessant and in-depth research allows us to understand how to shape our clients’ needs and dreams. Creativity and imagination, together with exceptional accuracy guide our process of understanding and interpreting every single request. The strength of the initial idea, whether it be the basis for products or places, is tangible in the equivalent process of creative development, as well as in the realization procedure.

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