San Prospero building

Client Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management

Location Milano, MI, Italia


The awarded renovation project greatly improved the functional and performance quality of the building, thanks to design and technological solutions that aimed at achieving high energy efficiency and spatial flexibility. The result is a perfect harmony between the traditional and historical elements of the building, like the elegant hall with its main stairway, marble finishing and mosaic glass windows, and the advanced structural – equipment solutions adopted to maximize the comfort level of the interior areas.
The “San Prospero” project, designed and realized according to the Green Building Council requirements, got also the BREEAM Certificate in 2014, in the Europe Commercial: Offices 2009 category. The five-story building was first built in the 18th century as a residential building and later converted into an office complex. Before the refurbishment carried out by Progetto CMR, the building was characterized by a low-performance, though well-maintained, façade and by technically inadequate interior spaces.
The project thus had a double target: improving the performance level of the façade and increasing the energy efficiency. The façade framework, made with bricks, during wintertime used to cause high heat loss. The problem was solved through the use of an Exterior Insulation and Finishing System, placed in the inner side of the façade to keep the original style outside unaltered. In addition, given the peculiar location of the building in the city center of Milan, a heavily congested area, all the windows were replaced with double-glass and insulated materials, to increase the thermal and acoustic insulation of the building.
According to this achievement, Progetto CMR is again the leading design firm in requalification projects for the second year in a row, after having been awarded the Premio Rebuild 2014 for the “San Nicolao” building refurbishment.


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