E-Novia Innovation Center

E-Novia Innovation Center

Client E-Novia

Location Milano, MI, Italia

Built area 1000 mq


E-Novia relies on Progetto CMR and Progetto Design and Build for the design of new spaces at the heart of Milan.
The important expansion of the group has required the creation of a new whole floor, called Innovation Center, which will host a Research Lab and additional office workstations.
E-Novia is a model of an unprecedented company in Italy: born in the recent 2015 with the aim of financing research that can give rise to “ideas that can become businesses”, the Firm has today developed 12 new Companies with a focus on startups mobility and big data.
The new environments are characterized by extreme adaptability and reconfigurability according to the rules of efficiency and flexibility typical of current smart work methods.
From the concept by Progetto CMR, to the realization by Progetto Design & Build, every detail has been studied in order to create a new dynamic work environment that is perfectly suited to a young and constantly changing company.

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