Lexmark Italian HQ

Client Lexmark

Location Milano, MI, Italia


Cell, water’s drops , forest, transparencies and colours: these are the basic concepts of the new headquarter of Lexmark.
The path goes through different surroundings, each of them caracterized by the natural element that fits it: the ground that origins everything, it welcomes workers and visitors in the new reception; the forest with the operative and directional offices, represents the habitat and therefore communication; the oasis, pleasant and safe space, arranged for meet and exchange, represent the entry in the commercial area and in the public spaces. In the end the glaciers, simbol of energy saving, welcome the administrative offices, a training room and a break area.
The result is an eco-friendly building that underlines both companies commitment for sustainability and low impact on the environment issues, as reflect by Progetto CMR corporate philosophy and motto “Less Ego, More Eco”.

Photo credits: Beppe Raso

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