Jingzhou Ancient City

Client Jingzhou Muncipality

Location Jingzhou, China

Date 2013


China and Italy have the similar background with over thousands years of history. With the same understanding of protecting ancient buildings, Progetto CMR takes part in Jinzhou ancient city conservation and utilization concept planning design. Refer to experience in protection of Italian ancient cities such as Milan, Ferrara, Bologna, Firenze and Lucca, a group of international professionals cooperate together to realize max ancient relic reservation as well sustainable urban planning by contemporary technology and professional experiences.
The scope of the project planning research is Jingzhou ancient city and the peripheral area, the planning area is defined by the north loop and Jingzhou avenue on the north, Jinzhou avenue and Nan Hu road on the east, Feng Huang road and South Loop on the south, west loop on the west, with a total area of about 11.97 square kilometres. the ancient city wall surrounds an area of 4.54 square kilometres.

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