Huayin Financial Valley

Huayin Financial Valley

Client Hebei Jingchuang INV Co.,ltd

Location Laishui, Baoding, Hebei, China

Land area 96,686sqm

Built area 300,000sqm

Date 2016


A new urban concept, located in the southwest of Beijing, around 55 kilometers far from Beijing city center. The aim of the designers was to guarantee a high quality of life for the new generations, ensuring a better work-life balance on the SOHO’s model (Small Office/Home Office).


The overall Masterplan includes parks, retail and research areas, office and residential buildings immersed in the green. The retail areas are characterized by fluid shapes as opposed to the buildings’ solidity. In both cases the border between inside and outside, the artificial and the natural, is made fluid by glazed walls and green spaces inside the buildings.

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