Aquileia Capital

Aquileia Capital

Client Aquileia Capital


Designed with the desire to represent first and foremost the values of corporate solidity and reliability, the new headquarters of Aquileia Capital was entirely commissioned by Progetto CMR and Progetto Design & Build, from the concept to the realization, for a work of the highest level. The new spaces are on the top floor of a historic building of the ’30s located in Via Gonzaga in the heart of Milan. The studied layout of the spaces, where open and flexible areas alternate with environments characterized by greater privacy and confidentiality, aims to promote comfort and safety to the standard workflow and to the most important activities. The furnishings, essential, light and modern, reiterate the desire to create a welcoming space where the customer can feel totally at ease. Solidity, security and comfort are the fundamental elements that characterize society and that the new spaces want to convey in every detail.

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