Privée is part of the ADI Design Index 2014 selection

Date 27 October 2014

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Privée, innovative collection of sofas and armchairs designed by Progetto CMR for Ares Line, is among the products selected for the ADI Design Index 2014, in anticipation of the next edition of the Compasso d’Oro.

Designed to allow privacy even in public places, the series is composed of a sofa and armchair with a “canopy” structure that surrounds the seat separating from the external environment and protecting it from the noise; couch and armchair are also available in an “open” variation, with a lighter configuration, in addition to a pouf in “classic” or “acoustic” model. The soft fabrics characterize the seating system are enhanced by a play of seams created ad hoc retains the flavor of home comfortable materials. All elements are modular and you can create complex configurations thanks to a mix of additional seating and accessories, or adjust the items to a family situation, transforming the seat in a traditional sofa for home comfort.

The selection was made by the “Osservatorio Permanente of Design ADI”; the best results of contemporary Italian design will be exhibited (until November 8th, 2014) in Milan, at the former Ansaldo Area, in Via Bergognone 34, and soon (from 17th to 28th of November 2014) in Rome, at the former Cartiera Latina, located in via Appia Antica 42.
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