EIRE: Progetto CMR carries on Less ego more eco

Date 28 May 2012

Categories News

Progetto CMR is going to show its research activities and its more innovative projects in the fields of integrated design and sustainability at Eire 2012.
Less Ego More Eco represents the mission of the firm, based on the awareness of the need of less personal interests and more collective visions to build a sustainable future.
LESS EGO MORE ECO, the last book recently published by Progetto CMR, delves into five key issues of sustainable development: aesthetics, planning, development, technology and economy. The volume is the final result of a multidisciplinary research, enriched with contribution from leading figures in the cultural, economic, environmental, national and international architecture fields.
Arch. Massimo Roj, illustrating this research at Eire, aims at making Real Estate operators, investors, developers and institutional bodies, open to join an interdisciplinary and shared discussion. This is the only way to achieve a common measure of economic development, planned on a long-term period.

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