Date 18 June 2012

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Quality, aesthetics, functionality and sustainability: these are the four pillars characterizing the design philosophy of Progetto CMR, the Italian architecture firm founded by Massimo Roj in Milan in 1994 and actively operating in China since 2003. Over the last 18 years, Progetto CMR has successfully succeeded in combining these core principles in its works, enhancing a new vision of architecture which should be considered not only a piece of art nice to be looked at, but also and most importantly good for the environment. This is what the company vision, “Less Ego more Eco”, stands for: less personal interests and more collective interests, at any level, from micro to macro, from interior to exterior. The Italian firm has been constantly investing its resources to foster a cultural and designing change, which needs ongoing research, strong expertise and interdisciplinarity. This is also the leit-motif of the last monograph recently published by Progetto CMR, Contemporary Architecture in Europe and China, and presented today by the firm Global CEO, Massimo Roj, during a press conference in the Italian Embassy in Beijing. The book collects and describes a selection of 30 impressive projects realized by Progetto CMR, thus showing the ability of the company to adapt to different contexts, meeting clients’ needs while keeping its own Italian touch. The final aim of this book is to give a comprehensive view of the Italian design, from master planning to interior design, from residential to retail, as well as a potential perspective of the architecture of the future in China.

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