Villa Campari Restaurant

Client Campari

Location Milan, Sesto San Giovanni, MI, Italia

Built area 1,000 sqm


In 2013 Davide Campari’s historic dwelling turned into a restaurant, bar and academy. Progetto CMR modified the overall image of the villa, realizing an interior design perfectly balanced between past and present: historical elements, such as floors and nineteenth century plasters, have been preserved and integrated in the new environment with a design concept in line with the brand philosophy.
A contemporary bar welcomes the guests, surrounding them with the history of the world’s most famous aperitif; this is a connection area towards the four dining rooms with an amazing panoramic view on the adjacent park and the majestic Campari offices. The Red Passion Room develops on two levels connected by a stairway, the terrace overlooks on the lower floor just like in a theater. The Depero Room is an elegant and confidential area, dedicated to the renowned futurist artist, the creator of the famous Campari Soda bottle. Hanging on the walls are the original reproductions of Campari posters that changed the history of communications.

Photo credits: Jacopo Altobelli, Gabriele Zanon

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