Uffici San Silvestro - Presidenza del Consiglio

Client Presidenza del consiglio dei Ministri

Location Roma, RM, Italia


After purchasing the building in piazza San Silvestro, Progetto CMR was commissioned by la Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri to undertake a consultancy for the planning of the new work environment. The medieval complex, which dates back to the year 757, was first used as Monastery. In 1876 it was expropriated by the Italian government and became the administrative headquarters of the PA. The building has maintained the original monastic typology consisting of “cells” placed along hallways situated around two cloisters. The cultural context of the partnership between Progetto CMR and la Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri was characterized by the necessities of providing a proper management of the real-estate resources and optimisation of the workspaces, while respecting and emphasising the historical qualities of the building.
The planning activity was developed through the processes of: optimisation of the spaces; identification of a furniture system coordinated with the building and suitable for the institutional roles of its occupants; rationalization of the furniture acquisition process. The project choices and the solutions adopted allow for the maximum flexibility and adaptability of the spaces in spite of the limits imposed by the presence of a separated room space typology. The solutions reflect the organizational and functional needs of both the administrative structure and its staff.

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