Client Artemide


Artemide enters the world of environmental quality introducing a range of fittings combining optical and sound-absorbing performances. A point of convergence of integrated performances aimed at improving the quality of micro and macro environments.
The high acoustic efficiency is obtained through a careful design of the device. The suspended installation allows the presence of two active faces in terms of sound absorption, while the particular design of the low¬er surface, in combination with the sound-absorbing material, minimizes sound reflections, which are responsible for noise.
The aesthetic reminds to a domestic, do-it-yourself, room soundproof¬ing technique, obtained through a wall coating made of re-used eggs packaging. The sinusoid section, a curve shared both by sound and light diffusion principles, encloses a board with a high number of low-voltage LEDs, adjusted with roto-symmetrical reflectors that allow to control the emission ensuring utmost lighting comfort with a soft down light and a controlled dark light.
EggBoard combines acoustic and luminous efficiency a systemic philoso¬phy: the arrangement of several units, suspended at different heights and in different colors, allows to not only adjust the performance according to the characteristics of the destination space, but also to create effective fluctuating compositions, with spectacular architectural and lighting.


Lux Award 2016 “Middle East”

iF DESIGN AWARD 2016 Winner Product

Red Dot Design Award 2016 “Best of the Best

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