Water and Energy for Expo 2015 Kuwait pavilion

Date 15 January 2014

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Nearly 500 days at Expo 2015, begins the planning of pavilions for the exhibition site in Milan: Feeding the Planet, Energy for life.
Progetto CMR,  who offers its international expertise on each scale design since 1994,  is now appointed by Nussli for the development of Italo Rota concept for the Kuwait pavilion. The company headed by architect Massimo Roj is dealing with the preliminary design and detailed design, issues of security and fire protection , civil works, structural and mechanical properties, realizing the intent of Emirate for the Universal Exhibition, focused on water and energy.
A new challenge in terms of sustainability for a 3,000 sqm project that will encompass of highly scenic elements using principles of recovery and conservation of natural energies.
The pavilion is a fascinating exploration into Kuwait territory, culture, human resources and landscape: one of the smallest countries in the world that comes from the desert, and it has found its wealth.  It will be truly the desert to welcome visitors: a sandy Promenade leads to the entrance of Fata Morgana, an enveloping space that evoke Kuwait landscapes through the use of immersive projections, intended to happenings and events. The Canyon will be the third element of the pavilion: a magical and evocative itinerary between water and rocks empowering nature and its energy. At the centre of pavilion, visitors can take a tour through the history of Kuwait, desert typologies, landscapes and the sea that washes its coasts, thanks to a huge stained glass maquette. Everything will be made more real by olfactory, tactile and visual elements evoking sensory perceptions of those places: an important testimony of territorial policies of the country highlighting sustainable choices by the government to promote the use of alternative and renewable energy . The upper floor of the pavilion will be designed for the VIP lounge, with a golden atmosphere for relax.
A great space dedicated to restoration bring up the rear of pavilion. It will be characterized by typical elements of an arabian souk and a large fireplace in the center of the area, allowing visitors to relax and enjoy the flavors of the Middle East . From the outside, food area will be entirely wrapped in hydroponic crops : tomato plants, strawberries and salads  will “nourish” the area as a sign of  the strongness of a country that is able to grow in the desert, transforming a limiti into a resource.
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