Date 27 November 2013

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Progetto CMR Design: Flair is the new seating system for waiting areas in collaboration with Poltrona Frau Contract. Adapting to the transformation of contemporary travelers, Flair takes inspiration by new habits of every kind of passenger: business travelers, tourists, globe trotter and young explorers. It combines design and comfort to improve the quality of the break times on travel. Born from the synthesis between elegant and design details and prestigious, hand-crafted and modern lines, this new product is designed by Progetto CMR for durability and functionality. Flair is a high design object, with ergonomic features, that maintaine and respect values and aesthetics of Poltrona Frau. Designed on international standard size, Flair is a modular and reconfigurable seat: a system that can be set up on bars of various sizes and optimized with a wide range of functional attachments that make it extremely versatile. The system includes:  three different types of seats, head rests , supports for leg relax, table  equipped with lighting and elements of connectivity, and screen display that transform it in a little privacy area. These creative research combines traditional crafts, technological expertise and design culture in a unique product, providing the different kinds of travelers a place to relax, interact, work or leisure. In a few word: uncompromising comfort.

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