Sino-Italian Forum for Future Cities

Date 1 November 2015

Categories News

On November 1st, the Sino-Italian Forum of Future Cities was held in Shanghai. Supported by the UN-HABITAT, co-organized by Architectural Society of China & Shanghai World Cities Day Coordination Centre, the forum was one of the important events launched to celebrate the “World Cities Day”, focusing on sharing and exchanging ideas of future city design and exploring future trends in the rapidly developing Internet era.

Massimo Roj, Founding Partner and Global CEO of Progetto CMR, was invited to speak at this forum to share his insight on sustainable design approach. During his speech, he outlined the concept of “Sustainability” in design, pointing out that a sustainable urban system should focus on man and his needs, while maintaining harmony with present natural and cultural environment. Then he put forward ten actions to be pursued for a sustainable urban development, and introduced the “Citta’ Slow” (Slow City) philosophy as well as its influences on resisting the homogenization and globalization trend. In the end of the speech, Mr. Roj presented the Manjiangwa Masterplan, an award-winning project that aims to build the first eco-sustainable village in Changbaishan area, and a perfect implementation of Progetto CMR’s design philosophy – Less Ego More Eco.

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