SINGAPORE: new perspectives, unchanged values

Date 13 October 2012

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Following the opening of the new offices in Shanghai and Singapore, Progetto CMR is enlarging its horizons, but the core principles of the firm managed by Arch. Massimo Roj are still the same.
This week, the “Less Ego More Eco” philosophy will be discussed in Singapore. It will be the main focus of some important activities on sustainable planning, with the purpose of promoting, at an international level, that debate on the issue of respect for nature world governments have been facing with.
According to the aims set by the Sustainable Development Blueprint, an action programme for the Sustainable Development which lists political initiatives and strategies for economic growth and environmental qualitative development, by 2030 Singapore buildings have to be converted resorting to green strategies. It will open the doors to new challenges in the issues of retrofitting and energy-saving technologies.
The first step is the Singapore Green Building Week: a week rich in events and conferences that will liven the city up, opening our minds to new views of economic, social and business development while suggesting strategic policies for a sustainable future.
In this dynamic context, Progetto CMR will actively take part in two main events. From October 9th to 12th, the International Green Building Conference 2012 will be held in the Marina Bay Convention Centre. Among the several activities and debates organized by the Singapore Green Building Council in those days, on October 11th the Industry leadership, community engagement and community actions conference will be attended by Massimo Roj, who will give a keynote speech.
On the basis that “everything is connected to each other, and nothing can make a change on its own”, the considerations put forward by Arch. Roj highlight the urgency, for planners, to focus not only on the new technologies and their innovative application which will make sustainable architecture possible, but also on the increasingly pressing need for a multidisciplinary method as a basis for planning.
This means we should review architects’ role and tenaciously foster a new way of thinking, towards what today we can call a culture of shared sustainability.
Sustainable planning must be seen as a process that combines different competencies, involving economists, doctors, sociologists, urban planners, architects, authorities, as well as the future users of the space. A holistic vision of the project will be offered, with more shared goals and less personal interests.
This is one of the main ideas of “Less Ego More Eco. Towards a shared sustainability”, a recent publication by Arch. Roj, that will be donated to the NLB – National Library Board. At the request of the Minister of Culture, on October 13th the book will be presented with a special ceremony at the Central Public Library and it will be part of the valuable library open to the students of architecture and design at Singapore University.
A significant opportunity to share with the new generations values and suggestions for a sustainable future, which will transform our planet in a respectful, “on-human-scale”, place.

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