REbuild Awards 2014

Date 29 September 2014

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Progetto CMR is proud to announce its “San Nicolao” renovation project in Milan got the Rebuild Award 2014.
The main idea behind the award is to promote the best renovation projects in terms of quality and environmental sustainability, thus emphasizing the importance of requalification processes in the Real Estate sector and in the protection of Italian building heritage.
The key feature of the renovation project by Arch. Massimo Roj, Global CEO of Progetto CMR, is the close connection between design and energy efficiency. The 10.000 sqm building, dating back to the 60’s, has taken on a contemporary and modern look, thanks to the plain geometrically defined shapes that have been chosen for the facades: the result is a modular envelope with regular alternating windows that maximizes thermal efficiency and assures a good level of daylight.
The facades, made of photo catalytic plaster, become more dynamic and vivid thanks to the changing effects created by a well-proportioned combination of shadows and daylight.
The design of the internal layout is flexible, making it possible to adapt it to the different needs. Moreover, there is a direct access to a roof garden from the offices, that further improves the thermal comfort of the building.
The design team succeeded in converting the building from energy class G (EPh=82.85 KWh/m3a) to energy class A (EPh=5.62 KWh/m3a), assuring high-level comfort for the occupants and improving the quality of the surrounding context.
Arch. Massimo Roj said: “I think it is fundamental to restore existing buildings, to give them new meanings and new functions, without invading other territories. Projects like San Nicolao and Garibaldi Towers show how it is possible to turn “unsustainable” buildings into structures that can better satisfy the needs of their users and that are more energy-efficient: in few words, to transform the old buildings into a new vision of the future.”
Integration of old and new elements, design quality and energy efficiency: these are the features that contributed to the success of this project.
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