Massimo Roj at Retail Investments 2010

Date 3 June 2010

Categories News

Korea – The REC Retail Investment 2010, one of the International’s leading retail conference, organized by Real Estate Committee of the European Union Chamber of Commerce (REC) took place yesterday.

This edition included many important leaders of retail’s world, among them there was Massimo Roj, the only one delegate coming from Europe.

Massimo Roj, managing director and Progetto CMR’s founder, underlined the importance of architecture and design of shopping mall, from an economic and social point of view.

Passing through a brief excursus on retail spaces development, Massimo Roj started from the classic agorà and the typical Beijing Huton (the city where Progetto CMR opened a new office 8 years ago) to introduce the latest shopping mall:  social and economic gathering places becoming the growth engine of urban transformation.

The speech, titled “Trends in European Shopping Mall design”, offered the opportunity to Massimo Roj to remember the main rule of end users in the architectural design: the people who really live that places. Accordingly to the Progetto CMR’s philosophy, that always put the man at the centre by integrating useful and usable architectures on human scale, with Urban environmental respect and local cultures.

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