Marileva: Progetto CMR on great hights

Date 28 June 2014

Categories News

Marileva 1400 will be redevolped by the team Nomisma, Progetto CMR, the Financial Trentino, and Habitech DTT. They was entrusted with urban and architectural resort located in Val di Sole, one of the most important stations in Trentino by provincial procurement and contracts area. Marileva tender invitation was published last summer (2013), and awarded by the italian gropu of companies. The project provides for the adoption of new tourism development models aimed at a high level of urban and environmental quality, enhancing the whole area, for the welfare of valley inhabitants and sensitizing the tourism related infrastructure and services. Attention to morphological characteristics of buildings is explained throght a landscape improvement project that provides for greater integration between  high altitude stations, the main settlements and also redevelopment of historic features of the landscape. All these design scenarios will lead to the overall redesign for one of the most important resorts in Trentino, strengthening the aspects of differentiation from the point of view of visitors.

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