“Light and places: culture and quality", Massimo Roj at the National Conference AIDI

Date 16 May 2018

Categories News


Massimo Roj will be relator at the national Congress AIDI titled “Light and places: culture and quality” scheduled on Friday May 18th at MAXXI in Rome.


The converence will be the occasion to talk about the aspects related to light design, a topic that becomes the protagonist of new urban environments and landscapes, as well as an element of identity and differentiation of spaces.


Massimo Roj will speak in particular about the important of light in smart cities: light as an element that has to dialogue mwith the architecture, helping to create smart and welcoming cities together.


With an increasingly widespread of the culture of lightining design to achieve “quality lighting” projects – which is mainly declined in terms of the correct design and use of the best products useful for achieving it – the conference becomes an important initiative to share and communicate to the outside the main themes concerning the world of light.

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