Less Ego More Eco. Towards a shared sustainability

Date 15 March 2012

Categories News

When we talk about sustainability, what is the real meaning? Is sustainable development the right way to solve the conflict between population growth and resource scarcity? Are our technologies an opportunity tool for society, or can these become a threat for our future? Is a green economy possible? Is sustainable design an investment for our planet harmony?
And which role does culture play in this context?
An answer to these and other questions is offered by Less ego more eco. Towards a shared sustainability, the new book published by Progetto CMR with Editrice Compositori…soon available!
The book is a picture of our present and a means to encourage debates about future developments, presenting stimulating ideas from different, but converging, fields. The main objective is to guide us along this actual cultural innovation.
An interdisciplinary debate to think about sustainability issues which can not be neglected anymore!
Available from March
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