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Date 24 July 2015

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The new offices of LeasePlan: a cutting-edge design, by Progetto CMR


LeasePlan, the Europe’s leader service provider for vehicle leasing and fleet management, chose Progetto CMR to design its new site in Milan. The new office groups services and people who were previously located in two different places.

The official opening of the new headquarters saw the partecipation of Alfonso Martinez (LeasePlan CEO), Oscar Farinetti (President of Eataly), Valerio De Molli (Managing Partner of The European House Ambrosetti) and Michele Angelo Verna (Director-General of Assolombarda).

Innovation, Cooperation, Flexibility, Experience and Efficiency are the keywords behind the design process implemented by Progetto CMR team, from the first steps to its conclusion. In just three months, the location has been transformed into a space with a strong and fresh image, fully in line with LeasePlan brand.
The new offices, featuring 150 workstations on 1700 sqm area, are characterized by the warm colours of LeasePlan corporate image. From a functional perspective, formal and informal spaces are mixed to promote a new working approach and to ensure adequate support to both social and mental activities, which are all parts of the everyday office life.
After having analyzed the corporate identity of LeasePlan, we defined a graphic guideline and a palette to be integrated into the space plannin; entering the office, sofas and pouf stand out for their brights colours. Then, a change in colours, from grey to orange, is perceived: the peculiar optical scheme of the flooring, resulted from an analysis of natural daylight, is in constant dialogue with it, creating different nuances in different hours of the day and according to the position it is looked at from. The soft coloured ceiling, contrasting with the flooring, is made of staggered baffles which feature alternated fissures of lights and for ventilation system, in a play of solid and void, of movement and continuity.


The project provided solutions to the operative needs of the Client. The layout of the new LeasePlan offices allows for cooperation and easiness, furniture is placed in a way to visually “break” the open-space, guaranteing flexibility in its use and easining internal circulation between workstations. In addition, sound-absorbing panels and phone-booths assure acoustic comfort.
Meeting the Client’s need of a change in IT technology, desktops have been virtualized to enhance the flexibility among workstations. Moreover, applying the Smart Office concept, in line with the technology aspect, workstations’ drawers have been replaced with movable boxes which can be stored in the lockers located in the central area of the office.
When meetings are held, space flexibility is made possible thanks to the four different configuration modes of the central core, achieved through mobile walls, and three meeting approaches among colleagues or with clients. In addition, a kitchenette and a medical area integrate the services offered to the users, to ensure high quality environment and a pleasant stay in the office.
“During concept and realization phases, we have constantly discussed with LeasePlan” – concludes Massimo Roj, Architect and CEO of Progetto CMR – “this project has confirmed the synergic relation between client and architect, we worked together with enthusiasm to the success of this project and the outcome has really made us proud”.

“I am very satisfied with the project: the new office has brought the corporate values to reality” – said Alfonso Martinez, CEO of LeasePlan, during the opening reception – “It represents not only a change in the physical address, but a deep change in the approach to work, a place that meets the needs of our colleagues and clients. We are proud of the investment we made, to us it is an active and conscious signal of trust in the future”.

Ph: Beppe Raso

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