Date 8 January 2015

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“La fusione architettonica. La nuova sede del Gruppo Pittini – by Progetto CMR”, edited by Emilia Prevosti and Fabrizio Todeschini, published by Arte’m, tells the story of a project, made by men, and blending in with the landscape and its history.
The Pittini Group, a leading company in steel production, is a solid and concrete industrial group which has its roots in the values of the family and of the territory of Friuli. Osoppo, near Udine: in this charming location, the new headquarters of Pittini Group become an architectural element able to reconcile the soft hues of the surrounding natural environment with the strength of the steel mill.

This space, conceived to meet organisational requirements and to guarantee maximum well-being for all collaborators, is in perfect harmony with its context. The building, which hosts all the company’s activities and embodies effectively the DNA of the group, was born from a constant dialogue between designers of Progetto CMR and customers, in order to better understand their requirements, and provide actual solutions in terms of energy efficiency, seismic safety, flexibility, and comfort.

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