Internationalization and sustainability: focus on EIRE 2012

Date 12 June 2012

Categories News

Quality and Sustainability of real estate projects, development and requalification of public heritage, monitoring of performances of buildings and territories; these were the issues, in a direct line with Less ego more eco, that characterized EIRE’s 8th edition.
Progetto CMR, among the protagonists of the Expo Italian Real Estate 2012, established new confirmations to the needs to promote a more and more sutainable and integrated approach, that involves either the requalification of something that already exist or the design of something new, in order to revitalize and valorize the Italian real estate market. Being a relevant platform of meetings for the real estate dealers, investors, developers and institutions, even this Eire’s edition gathers international success tracing the paths of sustainable development in the real estate, able to analyse and develop not only the technical parameters but also the variables that influence in a major quality of life, enduring and fully reconcilable with the environment.

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