Date 15 February 2015

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he historical building, dated between 1855 and 1867, represents one of the most outstanding Venetian buildings giving evidence of the 19th century grain production in any of the islands in Venice. The Venice Hostel is a Grade I listed building according to the “constraints” which have come into being on the 20th May 2010 considering the historical and cultural importance of the building. The project has consisted in a full refurbishment not only from an architectural point of view, but also for M&E, structures and interior design. The layout of the room floors has been developed differently for the main façades: there are en-suite rooms to the northern side of the building facing St Marks Square and coms rooms and common bathrooms to the southern side. The asset consists of 245 beds. The aims have been of creating a new layout for higher quality rooms, improving acoustic insulation from bathrooms walls, bedrooms and floors, implementing Generator brand standards. The design has been developed to give warm, intimate, cosy and alluring feeling. On the ground floor there are common areas with reception, open plan breakfast/seating/dining areas, bar, chill-out area, kitchen facilities and staff support areas. The design direction has been to make the Venice Generator have a uniquely bespoke and eclectic “jewel box” type of space with multiple layers of design and texture that at the same time is alluring, fun, exciting, playful and intimate for guests to “hang out” in: local industrial style and antique shops mood with elements of wood, metal, mood lighting, mix-matched furniture, playful elements, carpets, artwork, different patinal, mirror and glass, tile and stone. The public spaces have almost function like an Italian urban playground, with a sense of mystery and highlighting the allure of Venice. The use of dimmed lights, intimate spaces and nuance of patina is key. The public spaces really bring together an ethos of warmth, community spirit, sharing and sensuality.

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