Date 27 September 2013

Categories News

Garibaldi Towers official opening, will be on 27th september. Built by the Italian State Railways between ‘80 and ‘90 and sold in 2004, Garibaldi Area is get involved in the important project of revitalization of the Garibaldi-Repubblica area, being subject to a sophisticated renewal process and becoming an architectural symbol of Milan. A total remake from façades to interiors, while keeping the volume of existing buildings, has flowed into a new interpretation of the building and a strong technological impact. The Garibaldi Towers are identifiable on the skyline for their brilliance, that depends on prismatic glasses façades, inspired by a jewel, reflecting the sunlight in different ways according to changes of external conditions. Projected from inside to outside, with an integrated design method, the building complex follow an ambitious aim: being a high-quality green building, in the centre of the city, that  ensure the highest quality of life for the users.

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