Date 23 September 2013

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Davide Campari’S Villa, located in Sesto San Giovanni, takes on a new look and new functions and was trasformed into restaurant, bar and Academy, also reinterpreting the old bar Campari. Progetto CMR has revolutionized the look of this historic building (1,100 sq m) designing  the interior design of all the spaces. The concept interprets and renew the space creating a perfect balance between the permanence of some historical elements, such as floors and original moldings, and an intervention of modern design, featuring. The ground floor houses the living areas accessible to the public: the bar and four dining rooms, made even more comfortable thanks to the wonderful view of the park. The upper floor, however, is intended to Campari Academy, where among other things has been restored the historic Campari bar, with the bar faithful copy of the original start Novecento.Lo Campari spirit finds its highest expression through the architectural sign imprinted by Progetto CMR: a sophisticated style, with an inevitable component of emotionality. Timeless elegance and conviviality.
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