A new plan for Jingzhou development

Date 7 March 2014

Categories News

History, culture and green strategy: these are the three pillars of the latest conservation project Progetto CMR has been recently involved in for the city of Jingzhou, in Hubei Province. The detailed plan of renovation and urban planning Progetto CMR developed for the 11.97 sqkm-area has given primary importance to its many historical sites and monuments, turning them into focal points for the revitalization of the whole city. The design team drew inspiration from the examples of some famous Italian historical cities, like Milan or Bologna, that actually show not few similarities with Jingzhou. Water is another key element: the river that passes through the city can actively contribute to enhance the beauty of the sites in the eyes of tourists and visitors. The plan moreover promotes an active use of sustainable technologies and solutions, particularly focused on energy saving, maximisation of natural resources and requalification of green areas.

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