2014: New year, new headquarter around the world

Date 15 January 2014

Categories News

Progetto CMR is celebrating the new year opening a new international headquarter in Indonesia! Jakarta is a well known cosmopolitan city, characterized by a difficult history and various cultures, and will be the fourteenth location in the world to host the offices of our italian company specialized in integrated design. The objective of Progetto CMR is to create a flexible, efficient and sustainable architecture around the world, respecting local culture and collaborate with them. Jakarta offers an authentic vision of Indonesia at the present-day, reflecting a country in evolution, that grows between ultra-modern skyscrapers, canals’s networks and Javanese, Arabic and Chinese neighborhoods. The whole Progetto CMR’s team is indeed ready to employ its innovation and multidisciplinary competencies, focusing on the improvement of the environment, both from a natural and built point of view Great satisfaction and big challenge for all of us!

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