Progetto CMR Nuova sede Pall Italia

Date 1 May 2008

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Between 2004 and 2007, Progetto CMR, a Milanese company leader in integrated design, established in Buccinasco the new Italian site of Pall, the American multinational leader on a world level in the fluid filtration, separation and purification sector.
The costant dialogue between designers and customers, a shared sensitivity with regard to subjects such as environmental respect and sustainable planning and the necessity to create a project with technological and distributive characteristics in order to serve greater well being and greater effectiveness govern a project in which the attention paid to experimentation and innovation appears vast and crucial.
During the cretion of the Buccinasco complex, the particular sensistivity of customers has enabled Progetto CMR to identify the ideal opportunity to put into practice not only the long experience gained over the years in the design of work spaces, but also the considerable amount of research carried out on the subject of environmental sustainability, well before the coming into force of specific regulations.
The result is an architectural complex in which every choise appears to be tailored to the concrete requirements of the customer, the driving force on which a complex design machine is based, which can guarantee lasting responses of efficiency, functionality and adaptability of high-performance spaces and solutions related to the plant-engineering and technology sectors.
The use of polyvalent refrigerating group powered by electric energy, the predisposition of the ceilings to include photovoltaic panels, light shelves and cold-formed joists systems and even the formal intuition of the policarbonate are some of the instruments on which the “intelligent design” implemented by Progetto CMR is based; Progetto CMR could also count on the amenability towards experimentation of the specialist companies involved in the realisation.

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